FOR INFO: College plans in the event of Ice/Snow

Where possible, we aim to keep the college open during ice & snow conditions.

Measures to support this include:

  • Gritting of main pedestrian routes into and around the college
  • Warning signs of potentially icy conditions
  • Regular assessments for the safety of college external areas, including which areas will be closed or cordoned off if necessary
  • Closure of routes on to the college site which are potentially hazardous
  • The all-weather pitch which will be closed for both college and community use during ice and snow conditions
  • In snowy conditions, the site team's priority will be to clear pathways for entry onto and around the college site
  • Fewer entrances will be available for use due to safeguarding and Health and Safety issues

The decision to close the college is not taken lightly, but may be made in the following circumstances:

  • When it is deemed unsafe for students/staff to access the college site
  • If there is a failure with the college heating
  • When there are likely to be significant difficulties for student to make their way safely to and from the college due to local road conditions
  • When there are likely to be significant difficulties for an adequate number of staff to travel safely to and from college due to road conditions

We will aim to communicate any decisions regarding college disruption with as much notice as possible.

Notification of college closure will be made using our texting service, our social media channels, the college website as well as through local radio stations, the Hampshire county council website also publishes an up-to-date list of school closures.