College expectations

Uniform Pre-loved uniform Hair, make up and jewellery Rewards and achievement

Students are ambassadors of the college and are expected to dress and behave in a way that reflects the standards we seek to achieve.

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College uniform is available from Skoolkit external link icon, all queries, orders, returns or complaints should be directed to the suppliers, and please view the price list external link icon.

Please note that this uniform is used all year round.  The college will NOT accept incorrect uniform.

  • College tie in House colour with length touching the waist band
  • College blazer with logo
  • College V-neck jumper with logo (optional) — hoodies or cardigans are NOT acceptable at any time and will be confiscated
  • Black tailored slim or straight legged full length trousers which touch the heel.  Skinny / super skinny / leggings / jersey or denim / cropped trousers and jeans are NOT acceptable
  • Black, dark grey or white socks
  • Plain outdoor coats can be worn to and from college over blazers (denim and hoodies are NOT acceptable).  All coats must be removed inside college buildings
  • Black skirts must be knee-length, if it does not reach the floor when kneeling it is too short.  Jersey and lycra material are NOT acceptable
  • Black tailored shorts in extreme weather conditions ONLY when normal uniform is relaxed
  • Flat black shoes with separate heel and sole that can be polished. Trainers are NOT permitted. Suede/canvas/sports branded shoes i.e. Nike, Adidas, Converse or Vans are also NOT acceptable

We are encouraging the following types of shoes, whilst patent is not ideal as they do not take polish we will accept them in certain circumstances:

acceptable shoes



  • College PE shirt with logo
  • Navy blue PE shorts
  • Navy blue PE leggings or training trousers with Henry Cort logo (optional), this can be worn as an alternative to shorts.  NO alternative is acceptable.
  • Sky blue football or white or black sport socks
  • Durable trainers with suitable support (NO plimsolls or canvas fashion shoes).

During winter months, students may bring in extra layers to keep warm - this will be permitted in addition to college PE / Dance kit and should not replace it.

PE Kit

Henry Cort Community College Pre-Loved School Uniform
We are very proud to offer a pre-loved uniform service at Henry Cort, and during the summer holidays we are hold a few times that uniform will be on sale.  We have lots of uniform items in various sizes, so please come along and have a look.  Please email Stella our Wellbeing Manager on to discuss.  

If you are looking to donate any items of uniform please hand into reception, we will be very grateful for any donations.

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Hair, Makeup and Jewellery





  • Nose studs/retainers
  • Any other facial or tongue piercings or additional ear/lobe piercings
  • Noticeable make up, excessive fake tan or false eyelashes
  • Nail varnish, acrylic nails or long nails
  • Unnatural hair colours, streaks or obvious dying
  • Extreme styles, grade 1 or shaved patterned hair
  • Jewellery including bracelets, additional earrings and rings
  • 1 plain stud per ear (in the lobe)
  • Watch
  • Identity/medical bracelet
  • Discreet make up– students will be asked to remove overly obvious makeup
  • Natural hair colours only
  • Nails of natural colour and length

Ready to Learn Kit

To ensure students are equipped for their lessons, they must have a Ready to Learn kit. This is available to purchase on Scopay as a whole pack, or items can be purchased individually as required. 

The Ready to Learn kit comprises:

  • Log book
  • Clear pencil case
  • 30cm ruler
  • 2 x black pens
  • 2 x purple pens
  • 2 x highlighters
  • 2 x pencils
  • 1 x eraser
  • 1 x pencil sharpener
  • 1 x protractor
  • 1 x compass
  • 1 x glue stick

Please click here for an image of our Ready to Learn Kit external link icon

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Rewards and Achievements

Good behaviour is expected by all students at The Henry Cort Community College in order to create a positive atmosphere that supports all students and staff in a calm, safe, happy and stimulating environment.  Staff can award House Points in class if students demonstrate any of the following:

  • Excellent participation
  • Excellent presentation of work
  • Consistent attention
  • Working as part of a team
  • Demonstrating excellent leadership qualities
  • Excellent effort beyond expectation
  • Demonstrating helpfulness and kindness
  • Handing in an outstanding piece of homework

Students could also win ‘Student of the lesson’ which is worth two House Points.  Once a student reaches milestones in terms of House points, certificates are awarded via termly praise assemblies.

  • Bronze Award - 50 House Points
  • Silver Award - 100 House Points
  • Gold Award - 200 House Points
  • Diamond Award - 300 House Points
  • Platinum Award & Gift - 500 House Points
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UPDATED: 24 February 2023