Our Vision & Ethos

Our vision is to make The Henry Cort Community College an outstanding school at the heart of the community.  We aspire to do this through achievement and support, whilst building perseverance, individuality and respect in pursuit of excellence.

Achievement * Support * Perseverance * Individuality * Respect * Excellence

Through our commitment to learning for life, students develop into assured, capable, enterprising young people with the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals and play an active role in modern society.  We create ambition and aspire to be excellent in everything we do, enabling each and every person to achieve their highest possible outcomes, regardless of starting points.  We recognise that students learn best when they are happy.  To this end, we provide a supportive, individual approach for each student through a broad and balanced curriculum not found elsewhere.

The Home-College Agreement is a simplified written version of the extensive operations at The Henry Cort Community College.  The routine practices of the college have developed from our underlying beliefs concerning children’s education.  The Henry Cort Community College is a Rights Respecting School and we believe all students have the right to have the best possible education.  This agreement reinforces the importance of the college, its students, parents and carers working together. We hope that you will talk through the agreement with your child, explaining its significance and value before signing it.  Together we will work to create an atmosphere of care, respect and co-operation between children and adults.

Page updated: 8 August 2018