Our vision and ethos

Our vision is to make The Henry Cort Community College an outstanding school at the heart of the community.  We aspire to do this through achievement and support, whilst building perseverance, individuality and respect in pursuit of excellence.

Achievement * Support * Perseverance * Individuality * Respect * Excellence

Through our commitment to learning for life, students develop into assured, capable, enterprising young people with the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals and play an active role in modern society.  We create ambition and aspire to be excellent in everything we do, enabling each and every person to achieve their highest possible outcomes, regardless of starting points.  We recognise that students learn best when they are happy.  To this end, we provide a supportive, individual approach for each student through a broad and balanced curriculum not found elsewhere.


The Henry Cort Community College recognises and celebrates the achievements of each and every person, regardless of their starting points, maximising the opportunities for all members of the college community to do their best.  The college creates a learning environment not found elsewhere in a school this size, that allows students, staff and others to thrive and make outstanding progress.  Key achievements noted from our last Ofsted report are:

  • “Pupils interact positively at social times.”  Ofsted 2023
  • “Pupils enjoy trips to the theatre to enrich their learning in English and to theme parks as part of activities week.” Ofsted 2023
  • “Senior leaders are ambitious for pupils to achieve well.”  Ofsted 2023

The Aspire Programme aims to support a limited number of students who find the requirements of mainstream school a significant challenge and as a result of their behaviours are at risk of permanent exclusion. These students follow a specific programme to address issues. They are provided with intensive support to address their needs and equip them with the skills necessary for successful reintegration back into the main school.

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The Henry Cort Community College provides a safe and happy learning environment where all members of the college community encourage the best in others, as well as themselves. The college provides help, support and opportunities that enable all members of the college community to develop resilience and perseverance, allowing them to overcome the barriers and setbacks in everyday life.

“Pupils in all year groups engage in a well-structured careers programme.”  Ofsted 2023

“I cannot recommend Henry Cort highly enough. From the start my son was so well-supported by the transition process and the provision of weekend workshops in the school holidays. From the first day he has not skipped a beat and has grown in confidence every day since then.” Parent

Most provision for Children with Special Educational and Disability Needs (SEND) is classroom based and provided by either the class teacher (Wave 1) through quality first teaching or by subject specific Teaching Assistants and Higher Level Teaching Assistants (Wave 2). Specialist Wave 3 interventions are also provided where there is a need. The SEND team supports all students in their learning whether they require in class support, specific targeted teaching or individualised learning programmes. The team provides:

  • In class support
  • Social skills development programmes
  • 1:1 support
  • Small group teaching
  • Alternative curriculums and learning programmes
  • Transition support
  • Diagnostic testing
  • 1:1 reading schemes
  • Links to external agencies such as Educational Psychologists
  • A safe haven for vulnerable young people
  • Anger management programmes
  • Wellbeing support

We believe that a partnership with parents is vital in ensuring students are successful at college. Parents are encouraged to liaise with tutors who will keep them informed of progress at any time, and we are happy to give support and advice on organisational and homework issues. We are proud of our excellent multi-agency approach that ensures our students feel safe, secure, looked after and make the expected progress.

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We develop confident, self-assured people, who are ready to play an active role in modern society - where all members of the college community are committed to ‘learning for life’. The college creates an environment and culture where we can all learn from our mistakes, but not be afraid to welcome the prospect of challenge and opportunity, in order to grow and progress as people.

“I feel very grateful for the incredible support that I have been given over the past few years. All the teachers and staff have been fantastic. I cannot thank the school enough, and I am proud to have been a student at Henry Cort.” Ex-Student

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The Henry Cort Community College values the skills, talents and ability of each person within the college community, adopting a creative approach, which allows provision to be matched to individual needs and aspirations. The college creates an environment where each person, with their own roles and responsibilities within the college community, feels enriched and valued in whatever they do but understands that by working together effectively, all contribute to the harmony of college life.

“Feedback and marking were real strengths that supported students making good progress.” Leadership and Learning Partner Report 2018


We ensure members of the college community understand that mutual respect for self and others is an expectation of all. The college creates an environment where people, who may have different beliefs and lifestyles, are accepted without harm or prejudice. The Henry Cort Community College develops a culture of kindness where members of the college community look to ensure their actions contribute to making their daily lives, the wider community and beyond a better place.

“They learn about inclusivity through the school's religious education, personal development and assembly programmes.”  Ofsted 2023

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The college ensures each member of the college community wants the best outcome for themselves and others in whatever they do and provides a learning environment where performance is key, and the highest expectations become a reality. We ensure through a culture of excellence that all members of the college community share in the benefits and rewards these bring.

“Staff develop secure subject knowledge through a carefully planned professional development programme.”  Ofsted 2023

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The Home-College Agreement is a simplified written version of the extensive operations at The Henry Cort Community College.  The routine practices of the college have developed from our underlying beliefs concerning children’s education.  The Henry Cort Community College is a Rights Respecting School and we believe all students have the right to have the best possible education.  This agreement reinforces the importance of the college, its students, parents and carers working together. We hope that you will talk through the agreement with your child, explaining its significance and value before signing it.  Together we will work to create an atmosphere of care, respect and co-operation between children and adults.

UPDATED: 4 March 2024