Parent Events & Key Dates

Please find details of our Parent Events, Key Dates and Academic Year Dates below:

Keep up to date with events, exams, college closures and sporting fixtures relevant to your child by subscribing one or more calendars to your device:

To sync calendars to your device click on Calendars and select which calendar you wish to view.  Please note that ‘General Events’ includes holidays, college closure days and whole college events.  Then click on Subscribe and select which device you wish the calendar to be imported to.   New events will update in your calendar automatically.

We run various events for parents throughout the year.  Please be aware that Subject Consultation Meetings and Target Setting Consultation Meetings are bookable by our Parent Booking System, you will be sent details nearer the time.  A map and a blank appointment sheet if you prefer your child to make your appointments is available to download at the bottom of this page for Subject Consultation Meetings.

Page updated: 15 September 2020