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Why do we have a Governing Board?

School governors and trustees play an important role in leading our schools.  All schools are required to have a Governing Board, our purpose is to:

  • Set the strategic vision and direction, approve the budget and hold the senior leadership team to account.
  • Help the college to set high standards by planning for the college's future and setting targets for college improvement.
  • Keep the pressure up on college improvement.
  • Be a critical friend to the college, offering support and advice.
  • Help the college respond to the needs of parents and the community.
  • Work with the college on planning, developing policies and keeping the college under review.
  • Exercise its responsibilities and powers in partnership with the Principal and staff.
  • Not intervene in the day-to-day management of the college unless there are weaknesses in the college, then has a duty to take action.

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Who are we?

We have Full Governing Board meetings monthly (excluding December, April and August).  We also have a Staff Pay and Performance Management Committee and a Governors Discipline Committee.

The Henry Cort Community College has a Governing Board made up of 12 people from several backgrounds.

  • 7 co-opted governors are appointed by the Governing Board
  • 2 parent governors - elected by the parents.
  • 1 staff governor - elected by the staff
  • 1 is appointed by the Local Authority (Hampshire County Council)
  • At The Henry Cort Community College the Principal is automatically a member of the Governing Board



Start date

Current Term of Office Ends


Mr Mark Badger

Local authority Governor 17 May 2023 16 May 2027
  • Chair 
  • Link Governor - Leadership & Management
Mickiela Blake Co-opted Governor 25 Jan 2023 24 Jan 2027  

Mr Malcolm Brand

Co-opted Governor

17 Jul 2023

16 Jul 2027

  • Link governor - Finance & Policies - Website Compliance

Ms Claudia Cubbage



  • Head Teacher
Mrs Kelly Denton Parent Governor 01 Mar 2022 28 Feb 2026
  • Vice Chair
  • Link Governor — Pupil Premium
Graeme Johnston Co-opted Governor 17 May 2023 16 May 2027
  • Link Governer - Behaviour & Attitudes
  • Staff Wellbeing

Mrs Jenny Nutt

Staff Governor

28 Nov 2022

27 Nov 2026

  • Development and Training Governor
Mr Andrew Osborn

Co-opted Governor

Governance Board

22 Nov 2023 21 Nov 2027
  • Link Governor - Personal Development
Claire Robinson Parent Governer (College Parents) 19 Oct 2023 18 Oct 2027


Carl Stanton

Co-opted Governor 25 Jan 2023 24 Jan 2027
  • Link Governor - Safeguarding
  • Link Governor - SEND
Mr Michael Turner Clerk    
  • Clerk

Katie Wainwright

Co-opted Governor 25/01/2023 24/01/2027
  • Link Governor - Quality of Education
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Register of governor interests

Governor name Name of business* Nature of business Nature of interest Date of appointment or acquisition Date of cessation of interest (if applicable)
Mark Badger NIL NIL NIL NIL  
Mikaelia Blake NIL NIL NIL NIL  
Malcolm Brand Harrison Primary School Vice-chair of governors Son holds this position 09/09/2020  
Claudia Cubbage Employed  Education Principal 01/09/2015  
Kelly Denton The Thinking Schools Academy Trust Education Employee 01/09/2014  
Christine Hansford NIL NIL NIL NIL  
Graeme Johnston NIL NIL NIL NIL  
Jenny Nutt Employed  Education Teacher of English and HPL 01/09/2017  
Carl Stanton Hampshire County Council Education Employee    
Katie Wainwright NIL NIL NIL NIL  
Stuart Warner NIL NIL NIL NIL  

 * Including: Governor elsewhere, related or married to member of staff or employed at school

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Governing board meetings attendance during academic year 2022/23  

Name Meetings Attended Out of a Possible
Mark Badger 4 4
Mikaelia Blake 4 6
Malcolm Brand 8 9
Ian Brewerton (Left) 4 4
Claudia Cubbage 9 9
Kelly Denton 9 9
Charlotte Faithfull 7 9
Christine Hansford 8 9
Graeme Johnston 2 2
Jenny Nutt 7 9
Carl Stanton 3 4
Gary Steward (Left) 3 5
Katie Wainwright 3 5
Stuart Warner 8 9
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UPDATED: 9 Jan 2024