From time to time parents, carers or neighbours may become concerned about the safety of a child who attends The Henry Cort Community College if you:

  • are concerned that a child is not safe; 
  • are concerned that a child may not be safe;
  • think a child might be being abused. 

You should contact the college and ask to speak to one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads:

Safeguarding Team

If you have serious concerns because you think that a child might be being abused (physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or neglect) you should contact the Children’s Services Department at Hampshire County Council: 

  • During office hours (8.30am to 5.00pm) you should contact Children’s Services either by phone on 0300 555 1384 or email
  • At all other times you should contact the Out of Hours Service:  0300 555 1373 

For all emergency situations please call 999.  Should a person be a victim of this crime, our advice is to report it immediately to police.

Snapchat Groups - NEW 17 January 2019

We have been informed that there are a number of snapchat groups that have been set up in recent weeks in which young people in Gosport and Fareham are being targeted for online abuse. The names of the groups are:

  • Ukbaited
  • gosportandfarehambaited
  • gosportbaited
  • gosportxxposed

If your child has access to snapchat, please check with them that they are not part of these groups and remind them about keeping themselves safe online.

Warning from Hampshire Constabulary - NEW 6 July 2018

We wanted to share information with you about reports of a man explicitly exposing himself online to several children using a ‘live chat’ on Instagram (mainly in the Havant area of Hampshire) as a reminder of this type of crime and to encourage you to discuss with your children and encourage them to talk to you or other trusted adults if they have any worries or concerns.

There have now been 12 incidents of this type in Hampshire (mainly in the south east corner of the county) which have been reported over recent weeks.  A thorough investigation is ongoing with police working with schools and other parents to gather as much information as possible to identify who is responsible.

If you are aware of any incident of this nature, or if you have any concerns, police would like to hear from you. Please call 101 quoting Op Welfare.  If you would like advice around online safety, Safe4me ( is an education-based website developed by Hampshire Constabulary, which provides information, advice, resources and links to other useful organisations, on a range of topics including online safety.

Please do avoid speculating about the investigation while officers carry out enquiries. I’d ask you not post anything on social media, instead, if you have information that could help please call 101 and quote ref.441 8021 7129.

Many thanks for your support.

Chief Inspector Clare Jenkins

What parents need to know about Screen Addiction - NEW 22 May 2018

IT can be challenging for parents to know whether children are spending too much time on their devices.  Furthermore, it is even more challenging to know whether a child is addicted to the internet or social media.  The National Online Safety team have produced some Top Tips for Parents.

Safety Apps - NEW 8 May 2018

We would like to make you aware of two apps to help keep your child safe:

  • OurPact - is a simple family locator and parental control app that allows parents to locate family members and limit screen time by blocking internet and app access from your own phone.
  • HollieGuard - is a personal safety app and useful for when teenagers are out and about on their own, particularly if walking home at night.  Hollie Guard can help children stay safe, if in danger a simple shake or tap activates Hollie Guard, automatically sending your location and audio/video evidence to your designated contacts.

YUBO - NEW 8 May 2018

Ever heard of 'YUBO'?  The National Safety Online team have created a  Parents' Online Safety Guide about YUBO being dubbed as 'Tinder for Teens'.

Snapchat - NEW 8 March 2018

We have been alerted to a new 'update' on Snapchat. It's called 'Slag sesh' where users are invited by other users to say nasty things about another person openly on Snapchat but keep themselves anonymous. We are aware that it is currently being used by some students and students from others schools and is classified as a form of online bullying. 

Please can you speak with your child and remind them about staying safe online. Online bullying is not acceptable. 

Statement from Hampshire Constabulary - NEW 9 February 2018

Hampshire Constabulary will carry out thorough investigations into matters of children sharing explicit videos or photos of another child on social media, and will speak to anyone who has a connection with these incidents.

The advice from the police remains the same; if a child or young person receives an inappropriate image or video on any social media platform, be it Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp or any other channel, they should delete it immediately and tell a trusted adult, for example a teacher or parent.
It is really important that they understand that if they show an indecent image or video to someone else or forward it on to other people, they could be committing a crime and we want to stop that happening. We have been clear that we do not want to criminalise children and that they will not be in trouble if they have made a genuine mistake.

Sadly, we are seeing more offences where children and young people are being targeted by offenders who conceal their identities, and know where to go online to access and initiate false friendships with children. Unfortunately, no-one is immune to the dangers and so it is vital we support children and young people in knowing how to keep themselves safe on-line and to minimise risk. Please discuss this with your children and encourage them to talk to you or another trusted adult if they have any worries or concerns. They can also call ChildLine if they really don’t feel comfortable talking to someone face-to-face.

If you have any concerns about the safety of your children online or would like to know more, there is further support and advice for children and parents available on the CEOP website

Letter issued by Hampshire Constabulary - NEW 8 December 2017

Snapchat - NEW 4 December 2017snapchat logo

Hampshire police have requested that we share the following information with you:

On 29 November 2017 a Hampshire schoolgirl (not from The Henry Cort Community College) was blackmailed into sending an indecent video of herself on Snapchat. Once the offender had the video he then distributed this online via Snapchat to many other children. If you have received this explicit video on Snapchat or by any other means you must delete it immediately. If you show this video to someone else or forward it on to other people you will be committing a criminal offence, which the police may investigate and look to prosecute.

Hampshire police would like to remind all pupils to never send any indecent photograph or video to anyone online. If they are approached online to do this, they should be encouraged to always tell parents or a teacher. Online you can never know who you are speaking to.

If anyone has any knowledge of who the person was, what his Snapchat username, phone number or other linked social media are, or any other relevant information, please tell your teacher straight away. This can be done in private.”

Please take this opportunity to discuss the police’s advice with your child, particularly the advice to never send or share material of an indecent nature. This could potentially lead to prosecution. App - NEW 6 November 2017 LogoWe have been made aware that one of our female students has been exposed to sexually explicit behaviour by an adult male whilst using the social media app Please be vigilant about your child’s use of social media. If you have any concerns, we strongly advise contacting the police or reporting any incidents such as this through the CEOP website which can be found by following this link:

Snapchat - June 2017Snapchat Logo

In June 2017, Snapchat released a new feature called Snapmap, which allows all friends/contacts to see your exact location.  Police and children's charities have expressed concern about this; the links below may be helpful for you to discuss this new feature with your child and go through how to disable it:

Also, the following link is from the NSPCC about Snapchat:

With many thanks for your continued support.

Page updated: 26 September 2019