Ready to Learn

Ready to Learn logoOur commitment to students:

  • If another student slows down or disrupts learning, we will not tolerate such behaviour
  • We will educate those students who are disrupting learning, so there are no repeated disruptions and all students can thrive
  • We are striving to ensure that students never have their lessons disrupted, enabling teachers to teach outstanding lessons and for students to be able to work hard towards success

Students deserve disruption-free learning every minute of every lesson.

There are non-negotiable behaviour expectations.  Students must:

  • Arrive to college and lessons on time and properly dressed (be punctual to tutor time and all lessons)

  • Have the right equipment for the lesson (have your own full Ready to Learn kit everyday)

  • Follow the seating plan set for your class, all instructions and the one way system (understand that these are for your benefit)

  • Use respectful and appropriate language (no swearing, no derogatory language, no offensive comments or actions e.g. racist, sexist, homophobic, or discriminatory language and/or gestures)

  • Treat everyone with respect (do not cause harm or hurt whether in person or online)

  • Listen attentively (do not speak while your teacher or peers are talking)

  • Respect other students’ right to learn (do not disrupt or distract either in class or online)

  • Take an active part in every lesson (do your very best to complete the task set)

These expectations are displayed in all classrooms around the college.

Under no circumstances should students bring the following items onto the college site:

  • No items that distract learning - e.g. fidget spinners
  • Knives or weapons - anything that could potentially be used as a weapon or risk the health and safety of students and staff
  • Illegal drugs and paraphernalia - all medicines should be stored in the first aid room
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco, cigarette papers, filters, lighters, matches, e-cigarettes or any other smoking paraphernalia

Students are banned from using the following items on the college site:

No PhoneNo mobile phones, MP3 players and similar electronic devices - if they are used at any time they will be confiscated and we may ask parents to collect them.  All students can have access to a telephone in an emergency via Student Reception during break times and after college hours.   Any messages for a student will always be passed on by reception at the earliest possible opportunity.  If a mobile or similar electronic device is confiscated, they are logged and kept safe in Student Reception.

Details of mobile procedure

PUNCTUALITY AND ATTENDANCE - You should arrive in college in plenty of time to get to tutor by 8:25am.  Gates will be locked at 8:20, after 8:20 you must sign in at reception.  If you cannot attend college for any reason, parents/carers should contact the college office before 8:30am on the first day of absence on 01329 843127 or leave a message on the 24-hour absence line.  When you return to college, you must bring a note in your planner from your parent/carer explaining your absence.

ILLNESS, ACCIDENTS AND MEDICATION - If you feel unwell, your teacher should sign your planner and send you to the first aid room.  The college will contact parents if this is necessary.  You must not contact home yourself.  If you require regular medication, your parents/carers will need to complete a medication form available in the contact us section of the website.  We are not allowed to give other medication without parental permission.

For details about uniform policy and equipment (Ready to Learn Kit), please visit the college expectations page. 

UPDATED: 24 February 2023