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Data Protection Act (GDPR) 2018 - The information that you provide on our forms will be held on the computerised database maintained by the college as the data controller. Your data will be used in accordance with the principles set out in the GDPR 2018, which protects the right to privacy of individuals whose personal details are held by the data controller. The Henry Cort Community College will only make details available within the Local Authority; to Hampshire County Council (HCC) schools and their governance bodies; the Department of Education (DfE) or any other bodies involved with the care of children in this college. This information is gathered in order to enable the provision of education and other associated functions. In addition, the college may be required by law to collect, use and share certain information. In accordance with HCC’s retention schedule we will keep students’ data including religion, and medical information until the child reaches age 22, unless there is a child protection issue, in which case the records will be kept until age 25. This information is used by DfE and HCC.

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PLEASE NOTE: Progress Reviews will be sent to Priority 1 Contact and emails will be sent to Priority 1 and 2 providing they have parental responsibilities. Emergency text messages will only be sent to Priority 1. It is necessary for us to hold details of TWO contacts in case of an emergency. If you wish us to have additional contact details for your child, please contact us.

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