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  • GCSE RESULTS 2019: Henry Cort celebrates another significant increase in GCSE results

    Published 22/08/19

    We are delighted at this year’s outcomes for Henry Cort students.  They have worked incredibly hard and we have seen a 10% increase from last year in the number of students gaining a 4+ in both English and maths. 

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  • UPCOMING: Year 5 Activity Day - Tuesday 2 July 2019

    Published 26/06/19

    We are always looking to provide educational opportunities to pupils in our catchment area.   As part of our transition programme we are inviting Year 5s to join us for an Activity Day.  Year 5s will have the opportunity to visit and experience Henry Cort and participate in a number of lessons, try something new and to experience a day at a secondary school on Tuesday 2 July 2019.

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  • Joining forces to keep our young people safe

    Published 17/06/19

    There is a new collaboration between Fareham and Gosport Headteachers and Principals.  We have joined forces to raise the profile of drugs education and prevention in our schools and colleges.

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