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You must not send your child to college if they or anyone in their household has coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms; or has tested positive in the last 10 days; or if a member of the household has coronavirus symptoms and has yet to receive a negative (clear) test result. If your child becomes unwell with a new continuous cough or a high temperature, or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia), you will be contacted to collect them and advised to follow ‘stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection’.  You will also be advised to access a PCR coronavirus test.  


We are working hard to keep our college as safe as possible.  Twice weekly testing is currently in place for students and staff.  Along with the other protective measures we are taking, these tests will help staff and students to safely remain in college. Up to one third of people who have coronavirus experience no symptoms. By testing we will help to stop the virus spread and help to keep our college open as safely as possible. The test is voluntary, but we encourage everyone to take it.

We are taking part in the Hampshire and Isle of Wight COVID-19 Saliva Testing Programme.  This test is very simple and involves collecting a sample of saliva in a plastic pot.  Students will be expected to bring the salvia test sample with them on their designated day and put into the big collection box as they enter the college site.

Daring and Triumph students Invincible and Victorious students
  • Tuesdays - bring saliva test pot to college
  • Fridays - submit LFT result via TestRegister
  • Tuesdays - submit LFT result via TestRegister
  • Fridays - bring saliva test pot to college

All LFT results must be reported to the college and to the NHS Track and Trace.  Reminders are sent twice weekly on a Monday and Thursday and results should be submitted by 0800 on Tuesday and/or Friday via the link on the email sent to the primary email address linked to each student.  These are individually linked to individual student's and cannot be shared.  The privacy notice can be viewed on our policies page.

What is the TestRegister?

It is a secure website that allows schools to monitor the frequency of LFT testing being done at home, and immediately informs us if a positive case is logged. The website sends email prompts to both parents and students.  These are now scheduled on a Monday and Thursday, we encourage setting an automatic reminder if you do not regularly check your email inbox.

What about the saliva test?

For most students they now only need to do one LFT test per week, not two.  The other COVID test they take will be using the saliva sample Therefore we expect all students participating in COVID testing to arrive at College on a Tuesday and Friday having either logged an LFT result on the test register website, or brought in their saliva sample.

What day should my child bring in the saliva sample?

Daring and Triumph house to bring their sample in on a Tuesday, Invincible and Victorious on a Friday.

Why have two reminders?

Some students are not participating in the saliva testing programme and are just doing twice weekly LFTs; some may also be absent from school but still want to do some form of COVID test, so we want a convenient way for them to log results.

Thank you for your continued support.

Page updated: 9 September 2021