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The Henry Cort Community College appoints Prefects each year in the summer term to undertake various roles and responsibilities around the college within the Student Voice, both during the college day and at extra-curricular events. 

This is a perfect role for students in Year 10 and 11 who want to take on extra responsibility, extend their experience and provide themselves with opportunities which will support their applications to college and university and to work.

The application process is clear and formal, and Henry Cort Prefects are expected to establish and maintain the highest standards of behaviour and attitude at all times, providing a positive role model for other students across the college.

Have you got what it takes to be a Henry Cort Prefect?

  • Prefects are to set an example at ALL times
  • They are ROLE MODELS to the rest of the college
  • Therefore they must uphold the HIGHEST standards at all times – Including uniform, adhere to college rules, effort, attendance, punctuality, attitude, respect, manners, motivation to work etc

Application process is now open to Year 10 students

Students wishing to be considered for the role of a College Prefect should complete all parts of the  Prefect Application Form.  Your tutor will also need to support your application.  Please consider the areas of the Student Voice carefully and be sure that you are willing to undertake this role fully.  We are looking for creative and hard working students to make an impact at Henry Cort.

All completed applications should be submitted to Mr Bagnall (in PE Dept) no later than Friday 4 May 2018.  LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Page updated: 18 April 2018
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