Rock Challenge

The Henry Cort Community College has been participating in the Global Rock Challenge ™ for a number of years, with great success. We now regularly have teams of approximately 100 strong which shows great commitment from the students. Rehearsals generally start 6 months before the competition and each student signs a declaration form to try and be a ‘healthy member’ of the College community. We actively support the ethos of Rock Challenge and hope to continue to take part for many years to come.

To read about the history of Rock Challenge visit the Rock Challenge website: or see our photo gallery.

2018 Performance - Anonymous



Past Rock Challenge Performances & Results:

  • Theme: 'Twist of Fate'
    Year: 2016
    Awards: Costume in Character, Set Design and Function, Soundtrack, Stage Use, Stage Crew, Choreography, Drama, Concept, Performance Skill, Entertainment and Visual Enhancement.
    Position: Overall 1st Place & progress through to the Southern Open Final.
  • Theme: The Madness from Within
    Year: 2015
    Awards: Stage Use, Soundtrack, Visual Enhancement, Costuming Character, Entertainment, Video Performance, Concept, Drama, Choreography, Performance Skill
    Position: Overall 3rd Place & progress through to the Southern Open Final
    Southern Open Final Awards: Stage Use, Costuming Character, Stage Crew, and Concept
  • Theme: 'Fogg's Final Fix
    Year: 2014
    Awards: Costume in Character, Set Design and Function, Soundtrack, Stage Use, Stage Crew, Choreography, Drama, Concept
    Position: Overall 1st Place & progress through to the Southern Open Final
  • Theme: 'Once upon a Trouble'
    Year: 2013
    Awards: Best Make-Up Design, Best Set Design, Best Back Stage Crew, Best Costume Design
    Position: Overall 3rd Place
  • Theme: 'High Hopes'
    Year: 2012
    Awards: Best Stage Crew, Best Video Performance, Best Concept Originality, Best Drams Skills
    Position: Overall 2nd Place and went through to Southern Open Finals
  • Theme: 'Bollywood Dreams'
    Year: 2011
    Awards: Best Staging
  • Theme: ‘The Final Goodbye’
    Year: 2010
    Awards: Best Hair & Make-up design & Best Press coverage
  • Theme: ‘Lost But Not Forgotten’ 
    Year: 2009
    Awards: Concept Interpretation
    Position: 3rd Place Southampton Heat 2 
  • Theme: ‘Once Upon A Time’
    Year: 2008
    Awards: Media Management, Healthy Lifestyle & Best Stage Crew
  • Theme: ‘The Willow Pattern’
    Year: 2006
    Awards: Best Stage Crew, Best Video Director & Concept originality
    Position: Winners of Southampton Heat 3 and 2006 Southern Open Finalists
  • Theme: ‘Bump In The Night’
    Year: 2005
    Awards: Best Drama Skills
    Position: 2nd Place Southampton Heat 3
  • Theme: ‘Earth 2010’
    Year: 2004
    Awards: Concept interpretation

Past Themes

'The Madness from Within’

Mozart, madman or genius? A story buried for centuries of a child prodigy. Made to travel by his father, he was often ridiculed by his peers, until one day he met Nancy, transforming his life and ultimately his music.  But deep depression was never far away.  Was it internal madness or something more sinister that drove Mozart to his death?

'Fogg's Final Fix'

We invite you to step back in time and hourney with us around the world with adventurer Phileas Fogg.  Meet his trusty valet, Passerartout and watch as he not only battles to save the life od Aouda, but escape the clutches of Inspector Fix.  He WILL make it in 80 days, but what will he discover on his way?

‘ Once Upon A Trouble’

……………..did we miss a page?  Characters taken to court, simply an outrage Little Red charged with trespassing, Hansel & Gretel stealing food, Goldilocks for breaking in, not a kindly mood.  Driven by sheer frustration, Little Red gets paranoid Goldilocks won’t eat her food, Hansel in a depressing mood.  Illnesses now afflicted, common are they true.  Characters in trouble, adieu, adieu.

'High Hopes'

Decisions, decisions....  Dan finds himself facing one of the most life changing decisions of all.  Dan, who is aimin high at school and looking forward to a bright future, is offered drugs at a party.  What we see next is the consequence of his potential decision, and the impact on the people closest to him.  So, what should he do?

‘Bump In the Night’

From the dark nightmare of sleep comes the chilling tale of a child tortured by the things of the night that while away the hours of darkness in her room.

In this bedroom things don't just go bump....

‘The Willow Pattern’

Love, persecution and loyalty are explored as two young lovers are liberated from the shackles of family duty. Will the lovers escape the mighty warriors or will tragedy strike? In a stylish and modern take on this classic tale, Henry Cort presents the Willow Pattern.

‘Once Upon A Time’

Once upon a time a little girl was lost in a fairytale world..... have you ever thought what might happen if some of your favourite fairytales merged into one? Henry Cort present their take on the Hans Christian Anderson stories bringing some of these tales together and the characters to life as our little girl faces a journey of discovery she will never forget!

‘Lost But Not Forgotten’

About 30,000 people were 'disappeared' in Argentina during the 'Dirty War'. They were 30,000 individual human beings, each one with his/her own story, dreams and hopes, with friends, parents and children who love and remember them. As pawns in a game of chess, our players try to portray these hopes, dreams and the tyranny of this dictatorship.

‘The Final Goodbye’

Helen and Paris fall in love in spite of being from different cultures, different gangs and different countries. When they run away together the Greeks and Trojans go to war. The Greeks send in a wooden horse filled with soldiers to defeat the Trojans. Paris knows he will eventually have to say his final goodbye to Helen.

'Bollywood Dreams'

Have you ever looked out of your window and longed to touch the stars? In a fusion between a classic fable and Bollywood dance, our heroine journeys through magical places on this very quest. But, what do these stars really represent: love, truth, happiness? Our heroine wakes, was her journey merely a dream, or can dreams really come true?