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COVID remote learning

You will need to join all your lessons remotely at the normal schools times (detailed in your log book).  To do this you should log in to Google Classrooms (classroom.google.com), navigate to your timetabled class, and click on the Google Meet link at the top of the page.

Please note:

  • Whenever you are in a virtual lesson you are effectively attending college
  • Behaviour expectations remain as if you are in college
  • You should be dressed in smart clothing (but no uniform is required)
  • Ideally you should study in a quiet but communal area of your home
  • Under no circumstance should virtual lessons happen from within bedrooms, or private spaces like bathrooms etc..
  • All students are expected to login using their own henrycort.co.uk credentials
  • Lessons may be recorded for safeguarding purposes
  • A register will be taken at the start of each lesson so you will need to be seen by your teacher
  • Your camera and microphone can be turned off at the discretion of the teacher thereafter

You must have your work area set up and ready to go for 8:30am in order to attend tutor time.  You should ensure your computer is fully working before then.  In the event that you cannot join the class using a desktop computer, as a temporary solution you can use a mobile device.  If this is not possible you can complete the work posted on classrooms labelled as lesson 1/2/3, at the beginning of each week on classrooms.  Teachers can be contacted for additional support using either the comments box in each classroom or directly via email.

UPDATED: 5 January 2021