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    As you may already be aware, the Department for Education has announced changes to relationships and sex education following nationwide consultation. These changes were originally meant to come into effect in September 2020 and all schools are required to comply with the updated requirements. Due to...

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Student Voice

Student voice is run by you!

We believe all students should have a say in their college.  We have an active student council who meet to discuss key issues and report back to the Principal. 

Student voice is split into four areas, known as 'strands':

  • Student Wellbeing and Support - to make the college a safer more enjoyable place to support and improve student well-being and learning;

  • Environment and Culture - to create a more environmentally friendly place, improve the college site, facilities and student interactions;

  • Teaching and Learning - to improve the learning experience for students; 
  • Events Management - to provide further opportunities within the college for students to lead and plan activities to benefit students and the wider community.

The college has focused on developing a restorative justice approach, older students are trained as restorative justice mentors and Cyber Ambassadors to help support younger students and their peers in resolving any issues you might have.

Student Leadership 2020-2021

We are proud to announce that the following students have been accepted to represent our school as prefects and senior prefects! Being a prefect means being a good role model towards the other students and showing the highest standard in all times with uniform, attitude, behaviour, manners, motivation to work, attendance and attitude to learning.  We have also appointed prefects in Year 10 and Year 9 to help with succession when Year 11 leave.  Our Student Leadership Team was appointment as follows:

  • Head Girl - Grace Park
  • Head Boy - William Campbell
  • Deputy Head Girl - Daisy Skilton
  • Deputy Head Boy - Ryan Badger

Senior Prefects - Strand Leaders

  • Student Wellbeing and Support: Freya Clinton, (Vacancy)
  • Culture and Environment: Jake Lecomte, Niamh Petty
  • Teaching & Learning: Dylan Biddiscombe, Sophie Greentree

Senior Prefects

  • Abigail Balsdon
  • Melania Greentree
  • Katie Hewitt
  • Mia Madgwick
  • Poppy Stokes
  • Michael Thomas
  • Rebecca Vartan

Prefects - Year 11

  • Mya Amin
  • Lilli Andrews
  • Ellie Bassa
  • Mackenzie Crouch
  • Zach Donnelly
  • Marcus Edwards
  • Maxin Ganev
  • Nashe Hliziyo
  • Ryan Ojla
  • Lukas Riley
  • Hollie Snell
  • Harvey Thornton

Prefects - Year 10

  • Joseph Brooks
  • Ellie Cocker
  • Sophie Howe
  • Keira Mawdsley
  • Harmony Storey
  • Scott Taylor

Prefects - Year 9

  • Helena Davis
  • Euan Glenn
  • Thomas McClurg
  • Louis Watt
  • Max Watt

Page updated: 8 February 2021