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More and Most Able

Identification Strategies Mentoring Events Useful Websites

The Henry Cort Community College is committed to providing an appropriate curriculum and adequate support to enable each student who has been identified as more and most able to reach their full potential. Supporting such students is not seen as exclusive. The practices used to support these students are used across the college and are used to support the student population as a whole.


More and most able students have ability in one or more curriculum subjects or have ability in subjects outside the National Curriculum such as sport and expressive arts. Students are initiallally identified in Year 7 based upon a combination of SAT and CAT results.  Faculty leaders are also asked to list those who they feel have a particular gift or talent.  The more and most able register of those identified is reviewed annually with a specific focus on the move from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4. Inclusion on the register is fluid and continually reviewed.  From September, we will be using Year 7 Baseline tests in all subjects to allow teachers to highlight able students in specific subject areas.  The top 20% in each year group is identified based on SAT/CAT scores and Baseline tests completed for each subject.

Relevant curriculum areas are also asked to identify students who may not fulfil the academic criteria above but who do display a particular talent in the arts, music, drama or sport.  

Strategies to raise Attainment

The strategies to raise more and most able student attainment are as follows:

  • Evaluative questioning to enhance understanding and provoke a higher level thought process.
  • Extension challenges that allow students to explore and apply their knowledge aquired during lessons to a wider context.
  • Peer mentoring and assessment  to promote a sense of leadership that enhance student interaction.
  • Learning activities to stimulate creativity and harness specific skills and talents that benefit the wider community. (Students leading sessions in primary schools e.g. MFL Able Linguists).
  • Accelerated curriculum for students that display advanced skills in particular subject areas.
  • After college activities/clubs to provide students with the opportunity to enrich their individual talents.


Based on the top 20% of students identified from SATs/CATs/Baseline tests in subject areas in Year 7, students achievement is monitored and reviewed after each Progress Review.

If students have under-achieved in relation to their termly targets, and have fallen out of the 20% for their year group, intervention such as 1 to 1 mentoring, specific target and action plans are implemented by individual class teachers.  These are tracked by tutors to ensure they are able to continually achieve/excel target levels/grades.

Staff within The Henry Cort Community College are committed to raising more and most able student attainment by working and forming a supportive environment.

During the mentoring sessions, students will be able to discuss their progress but also to consider how their abilities and talents balanced alongside their studies. Issues or concerns raised by students during the mentoring session will then be followed up by their Tutor, House Progress Leader or if necessary the Lead Teacher for More and Most Able.


We aim to provide students with a range of opportunities to enrich and extend their college experience. Below are just a few of the events that we take part in:

  • MFL Able Linguist Programme
  • Taster Days at Southampton University (all subjects provided)
  • UK Maths Challenge
  • IBM Blue Fusion
  • Krypton Factor at Havant College
  • Challenge Day(s) at St Vincents College
  • Residential
  • Havant College Masterclass Workshops
  • Year 11 in-house University Life workshop for an insight into higher education pathways

Departments also engage in a range of visits and classroom experiences which are designed to provide students with a wider range of opportunities.

Useful websites