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International Links

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The Henry Cort Community College is keen to be part of the world and has many international partners. Across all departments in the school, we are keen to promote awareness of different cultures throughout the world. During the school year, we organise various international activities to include all members of the college.

Students at The Henry Cort Community College are offered the possibility to exchange letters and meet other students from France, Germany, Ethiopia and South Africa.

The Henry Cort Community College is also pleased to support International Charities such as Wateraid and raise students’ awareness of International issues in order to foster understanding.

Here are some examples of our global initiatives;

  • Year 9 Writing & Blogging with French Students
  • Connecting Classrooms - England and South Africa
  • Sports Leadership - England and South Africa
  • International Week
  • E-Friends in Year 8 - France and England
  • Language Leaders - French and German
  • Year 8 Linguist Day
  • European Day of Languages
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language for Gifted & Talented Students
  • Writing, Blogging and Exchanging with Germany
  • Rock Challenge
  • Dance styles from around the world
  • Raising awareness and tolerance on different beliefs and religions across the world
  • Study of European and World Citizenship and Human Rights
  • Internationalism
  • Foreign Literature
  • Raising money for the International Charity WaterAid
  • Remembrance Day - visit to Belgium
  • Berlin Trip
  • Italy Trip 
  • French Trip
  • Ski Trip
School Partnerships

In Ethiopia

  • Hotie Preparatory and Secondary School
  • Tigle Fire Primary School
  • Tenaye Haile Kidame Gebya Secondary School

In South Africa

  • Raleledu Secondary School
  • Motlhare Primary School
  • Mmamopi Secondary School

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