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KS3 Intervention

All students in Year 7 take part in the Accelerated Reader programme where they will read for 20 minutes every day.  Any students who are reading significantly above the chronological age will be given the opportunity to partake in a creative writing group to extend and develop writing skills.

In the promotion of active reading for pleasure, Accelerated Reader produces an average of two years’ growth in reading age in just one academic year.   The programme has raised the reading achievement of all of its participants; our Year 7 students have increased their over-all reading age and with 26% of the cohort increasing their reading age by 1-2 years, during that one year alone.

Year 8 receive the following interventions:

PiXL Edge -

PiXL Edge is a framework for secondary schools and sixth form providers to develop and accredit in students attitudes, attributes and skills essential for employability and life.

Through a series of accredited tasks and activities (including target-setting and self-reflection) PiXL Edge enables students to systematically enhance their skills.


Year 8 are undertaking the PiXL (Partners in Excellence) Orate programme.  This will build spoken literacy that is vital for employment.  Students explore what makes effective presentations and work to produce and present their own.  The programme has been designed by a national organisation as part of a desire amongst partner schools to ensure students have the spoken language skills to articulate their ideas clearly to an audience in the classroom and beyond that into their adult life.


The Henry Cort Community College is committed to raise the standards of numeracy for all students through the creation of a positive environment that celebrates numeracy.  Our aim is to improve the confidence and competence of every student in dealing with numeracy in all areas of the curriculum, and subsequently in their further education, employment and adult life.

To aid this we have created time for weekly numeracy intervention in addition to the regular timetabled lessons.  In these interventions KS3 will be practising the building blocks of number through a Numeracy Ninjas activity book.  KS4 will be focused on the completion and understanding of how to apply numeracy knowledge to the new GCSE requirements through a 5-a-day exam question practise.

Learning For Life