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Work Experience

All students in Year 10 are involved in a regular programme of Active Citizenship. Placements include infant and junior colleges, hospitals, playgroups and old peoples’ homes.

Work experience, including work shadowing, is considered to be a most important part of the Careers programme and you will have the opportunity to participate in your final year at college.  For direct access to the Education Business Partnership (EBP) website please go to: portsmouth.work-experience.co.uk/login/

You may already be aware that the government has stopped all designated funding for students to undertake a Work Experience placement.

As a college we feel that there is value for your son/daughter in experiencing this opportunity, however due to the economic climate it cannot be funded by the college.  If you would like your son/daughter to take part in a work experience placement during 2 July - 13 July 2018, we are willing to arrange this, however, we will need to ask you for a contribution of £35.00 for arranging a placement.  This will enable the college to enlist the services of the Enterprise Business Partnership (EBP) to undertake the following tasks:-

  • Administration costs, letter, phone calls to employers.
  • Support in securing placements for students.
  • Completing the necessary health and safety visits/checks
  • Health and safety workshops for students.
  • Providing a bank of suitable placements for students to choose from.
  • Accessing EPB online.
  • Certification on completion.
  • Feedback from employers.

The placement allows your child to access an area of interest; the private placement may be a contact that you have already obtained or have in mind.  However, if the placement is out of Hampshire area, this will cost an additional £40.00 for administration purposes.  If you decide to cancel the placement after it has been booked; this will result in an additional fee of £35 for a new placement.

Alternatively, if you do not wish your child to participate in the Work Experience placement, we will be running a special programme of work related activities at the college on the same week.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Gellett with any queries or concerns you may have.