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Travel to College

The Passenger Transport Group is responsible for providing transport assistance to school for entitled students.  Parents can apply for transport through the online Transport Portal and should not be completing paper forms.  Please visit Passenger Transport Group's website which will provide you with information on eligibility and the link to the application portal: https://www.hants.gov.uk/educationandlearning/schooltransport/apply

The Whiteley buses are operated by Lucketts and currently running as year group buses.  It is vital that students get on their own year group bus and students trying to board the wrong bus may be refused travel and it will be parental responsibility to get their child(ren) into college. 

To view the year group bus stop locations and timings CLICK HERE.

Wheelers, Bus G, run a socially distanced bus at the following times: 

  • 07:30 Barnes Lane, Holly Hill shops bus stop
  • 07:33 Peters Road, Heath Road South bus stop
  • 07:38 Hunts Pond Road, Kams Palace bus stop
  • 07:44 Office of statistics, Segensworth Road bus stop
  • 07:45 Gardenia Drive, Segensworth Road bus stop 
  • 07:52 390 Hunts Pond Road, Lynn Cresecent bus stop
  • 07:55 Coach Hill, Garston Road bus stop
  • 08:05 The Henry Cort Community College

In addition to Passenger Transport, we run a minibus service for students who have bought seats and live in the vicinity of the areas listed below. This service is currently full, however if you would like your child to use one of these services in the future, please apply using our College Bus Application Form.  

Bus F Bus H
  • Redlands Lane just before traffic lights

  • St Michaels Grove / St John's Church

  • Bishopsfield Road

  • Wild Ridings / Lyden Close

  • Henry Cort

  • Common Lane / Occupation Lane

  • Common Lane / St Margarets Lane

  • Coach Hill / Frog Lane

  • South Street bus stops

  • Longmyd Drive / Purbeck Drive

  • Henry Cort

Termly fee for 2021-22 is £199. Annual fee for 2021-22 is £565. 

Once a seat has been confirmed, fees can be paid via our Parent Payment System.  We issue bus passes on a termly basis and unfortunately we will no longer be able to provide transport in a new term unless payment is up to date for the previous one.

Please note that link codes for the Parent Payment System will be issued during the first week in September for new parents.

Page updated: 23 July 2021