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College Expectations

There are six non-negotiable behaviour expectations.  Students must:

  • Arrive to lessons on time and properly dressed - Students should arrive in college in plenty of time to get to tutor by 8:25am.  Gates will be locked at 8:25, detentions will be issued for students who are late.  Students who are repeatedly late may trigger a county penalty fine.  After 8:25am you must sign in at reception. 
  • Have the right equipment for the lesson - Pen x 2 (black), pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, geometry set, calculator, exercise book and student planner.
  • Follow the seating plan set for your class.
  • Use appropriate language - no swearing, racist or homophobic comments.
  • Do not speak while your teacher or peers are talking.
  • Respect other students’ right to learn - do not disrupt or distract.

These are displayed in all classrooms around the college.

Under no circumstances should students bring the following items onto the college site:

  • No items that distracts learning - fidget spinners.
  • Knives or weapons; or anything that could potentially be used as a weapon or a risk to the health and safety of students.
  • Illegal drugs and paraphernalia - all medicines should be stored in the first aid room.
  • Alcohol.
  • Tobacco, cigarette papers, filters, lighters, matches, e-cigarettes or any other smoking paraphernalia.

Students are banned from using the following items on the college site:

No PhoneNo mobile phones, MP3 players and similar electronic devices  - if they are used at any time they will be confiscated and we may ask parents to collect them.  All students can have access to a telephone in an emergency via student reception after college hours.   Any messages for a student will always be passed on by reception at the earliest possible opportunity.

If a mobile or similar electronic device is confiscated they are logged and kept safe in Student Reception:

Mobile Phone Procedure

  • On first offence phone can be collected from student reception at the end of college day;
  • On second offence phone can be collected from student reception at the end of next college day accompanied by a note from home;
  • On third offence phone can be collected from the next college day onwards by a parent;
  • On fouth offence phone can be collected after 3 college days and a College Detention will also be put in place;
  • On fifth offence phone can be colleged after 5 college days.  A meeting will be arranged between the Tutor / House Progress Leader and parent to discuss a way forward.

Please note that Saturday and Sunday do not count as working days.  Therefore, for example, if the phone is confiscated for the second time on a Friday, it will not be returned until Monday after college day.

Page updated: 30 November 2017
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