Achievement and Rewards

Good behaviour is expected by all students at The Henry Cort Community College in order to create a positive atmosphere that supports all students and staff in a calm, safe, happy and stimulating environment.

Rewards and Achievements

Teachers can award House Points in class if students demonstrate any of the following:

  • Excellent participation
  • Excellent presentation of work
  • Consistent attention
  • Working as part of a team
  • Demonstrating excellent leadership qualities
  • Excellent effort beyond expectation
  • Demonstrating helpfulness and kindness
  • Handing in an outstanding piece of homework

Students could also win ‘Student of the lesson’ which is worth two House Points.  Once a student reaches milestones in terms of House points, certificates are awarded via termly praise assemblies.

  • Bronze Award - 50 House Points
  • Silver Award - 100 House Points
  • Gold Award - 200 House Points
  • Diamond Award - 300 House Points
  • Platinum Award & Gift - 500 House Points

After each Assessment Window on the college calendar, Positive Praise Postcards will be sent home for all students with high ATL scores.

Faculties also reward students through use of displays – highlighting the ‘Top 100’ or ‘Henry’s Hot Historians’.

Page updated: 13 March 2018