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"There is a calm studious environment across the college. In between lessons students moved around the site mindful of each other's space and safety."

Leadership and Learning Partner Report 2016

Whilst we reinforce the importance of academic success, we encourage students to demonstrate good manners, a clear set of moral values and solid communication skills enabling them to take their place in society as mature and responsible citizens.  Wednesday afternoons are devoted to SMSC focusing on:

  • Sex relationships education
  • Enterprise and finance
  • Respect
  • Careers and Personal Development
  • Democracy and British Values
  • Building Resilience and Growth mindset

The House system helps encourage a variety of inter-House and whole college competitions
to promote respect and positive engagement together with a healthy competitive attitude
and enables delivery of character education. The House system has significantly increased
the number of opportunities for involvement, student leadership and responsibility.

Opportunities to develop specific skills such as leadership and mentoring in preparation for later life are developed through the vertical tutoring programme and positions of responsibility, e.g. Prefect.

We support students in understanding social issues as they impact everyday life including raising awareness of managing incidents such as cyber bullying by teaching the students to treat each other with respect and dignity and to challenge others who do not.  We support understanding of the broader global community and locally students and staff are encouraged to consider our
environmental impact.

Our Environment Heroes work with Fareham Hockey Club and the Kershaw Adult Day Care Centre to improve the college and local environment.

In 2017 the college is developing a whole college approach to Restorative Justice, enabling students to support each other before any conflict arises.

"Students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is effectively promoted through the curriculum."

Ofsted - 2014
Page updated: 1 November 2017
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