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House System

The care and support for the whole child throughout the period of their education at The Henry Cort Community College does not just begin in Year 7.  With our partner primary and junior schools we operate a range of activities throughout Years 5 and 6 to help us to get to know your children.

These are supported by information evenings, visits and liaison work between Henry Cort staff and feeder school colleagues.  Particular effort is made to ensure that parents and students from beyond the Henry Cort cluster are assimilated quickly and easily.
For the purposes of the pastoral care of students after their arrival, the college is divided into houses, each with a House Progress Leader. The House Progress Leader, a senior and experienced teacher, is responsible for the oversight of the academic progress and general development of all students within the House.  Our House Progress Leaders are:

Daring House 

Mrs Warner

Mrs Warner

 Invincible House

Ms Nutt

Ms Nutt

 Triumph House

Miss Dolby

Miss Dolby

Victorious House 

Mr Fearon
Mr Fearon

Daring  House logo

Invincible House logo

Triumph House logo

Victorious House logo

There are 10 tutor groups within each House.  Tutors are responsible, under the guidance of the House Progress Leader, for all matters of immediate day-to-day care and organisation.  In addition to working with a whole tutor group, tutors spend time in one-to-one mentoring of students, this focuses on reviewing academic performance and setting targets to aid future progress.

Throughout the year, you will be invited to visit the college to discuss your child's progress and welfare in a formal manner. In addition you will always be welcome to contact and visit the college at other times.
Page updated: 15 September 2020