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Acceptable use of ICT/Internet Safety

Data Security & Privacy

  • Protect work by keeping your personal passwords private.  Use of someone else’s personal logon/name or password is forbidden.  Please see Network Team if you have forgotten your password.
  • Do not breach security or alter settings on the computers in any way.
  • Network/Computer storage areas and USB keys may be reviewed by staff.


  • Use of the Internet is for study or for college authorised/supervised activities only.
  • Use of the internet to obtain, download, send, print, display or otherwise transmit or gain access to materials which are unlawful, obscene or abusive is forbidden.
  • “Chat” activities are banned.
  • Do not download or play games on any college ICT equipment.
  • Do not attempt to bypass the internet filter.
  • All Internet use on ICT resources is monitored on an on-going basis.
  • All e-mails sent and received are subject to monitoring.


  • Do not eat or drink anywhere there is ICT equipment.
  • Do not damage, disable, or otherwise harm the operation of computers.
  • Never deliberately install and use software illegally or install any malicious code on college ICT resources. 
  • Always report damaged or bad working hardware or software to the teacher or Network Team.
  • Do not take images or videos of staff or students using college or your own private recording equipment.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)

CEOP helps young people who are being sexually abused or are worried that someone they have met is trying to abuse them.  If you have met someone online, or face to face, and they are putting you under pressure to have sex or making you feel uncomfortable you should report to CEOP.  If this is happening to you, or you’re worried that it might be, you can report it to CEOP and they will help make it stop.

Click CEOP Internet Safety

Page created 17 November 2017
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