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Able Linguists

At The Henry Cort Community College, we offer several opportunities to enable students to shine when studying a foreign language.  You are invited to click on the links above to view the exciting opportunities that we provide our students with:

Able Linguists at Primary Schools EMTAS Event
Success Stories National Book Week

Able Linguists in Primary School

This popular event has been running for six years at Orchard Lea and two years at St Columba. The exciting afternoons is going from strength to strength.  We have strengthened our link with Titchfield Primary Whiteley Primary School. 

During these afternoons, our Able Linguists teach fun lessons in Chinese, Italian, Turkish, German and Afrikaans to pupils from Year 3 to Year 6.

Ethnic Minority Achievemnet Service (EMTAS) Event

In 2012, six Year 9 students from The Henry Cort Community were invited to take part in an exciting language conference organised by the Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service.

The students attended several language workshops in Winchester, as a way to welcoming the world to the 2012 Olympics. The workshops were in Nepali, Tagalog, Shona, Punjabi, Italian etc...

Following the conference, they offered some sessions in Chinese, Turkish and Italian to pupils at Orchard Lea Juniors.  Three of the Henry Cort students were filmed by EMTAS, whilst shining as promising teachers.

Success Stories

Since 2011, able linguists in Year 9 have been enjoying going to South Downs College where they, along with students from other schools, enjoy tasters in Turkish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Polish, Russian and British Sign Language. 

In addition, able linguists in Year 8 are given every year a huge opportunity to interact with other linguists from Hampshire and enjoy fun workshops in different languages.  This provides students with a chance to develop their language skills even further.

Approximately 200 secondary school students from across Southampton and one school from the Isle of Wright take part in a special event at the University of Southampton. This annual event aims at encouraging young students to study languages. 

There is an intensive mini-project in either French, German or Spanish, followed by a taster in a new and exciting language, plus a talk about how languages can be used in the world of work.  The event is supported by the National Routes into Languages initiative, which encourages students to continue studying languages. 




National Book Week

The National Book Week celebrates reading and usually occurs the week before Thanksgiving.

It's a national celebration of reading that encourages elementary school children to read. And, of course, the MFL departement has to be part of such an important event!

The National Book Week is opened to Year 10 students who, since 2010, have been visiting Orchard Lea, where they enthusiastically celebrate literacy through the art of reading and writing.

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