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This page will be updated shortly with course information for Year 8 options 2023

The Henry Cort Community College aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which engages and challenges our students so that they achieve the best possible range of qualifications to enable their future aspirations to be fulfilled.  The curriculum is designed to offer students a diverse and coherent choice of courses and learning experiences so that they develop skills and knowledge that remain with them long after examinations.  

This is so that students can leave school as confident and independent life-long learners, equipped with the transferable skills needed to thrive in a changing world.  As students move from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4, they will be taking more responsibility for their learning and future.  What they study here will stay with them once they have left Henry Cort and will impact the opportunities at college and in future careers.

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Course information

Compulsory core subjects

  • English language and English literature
  • Mathematics
  • Triple science (depending on progress this may be reduced to combined science at the start of Year 11)
  • PE health and fitness (to be completed at the end of year 10 or at the latest by the start of year 11)
  • Religious studies (to be completed at the end of year 10)

In addition to the above compulsory subjects, students are strongly encouraged to pick a language and humanities subject. These form part of what is called the Ebacc suite.  If you do not wish to study a language and/or humanities subject, please ensure that you discuss this first with your teacher(s) at the subject consultation meetings.

Optional subjects

To be completed at the end of Year 11.  Information about each course on offer can be viewed on our YouTube channel - Year 8 Course Choices 2022 external link icon

  • Business studies
  • Citizenship studies
  • Computer science
  • Creative and Performing Arts (Drama)
  • Creative Media Production
  • Dance
  • Design and technology
  • Digital information technology
  • Fine art *
  • French #
  • Geography #
  • German
  • History #
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Spanish #
  • Textiles design *

* You cannot study both subjects as they are both the same with some different endorsements

# Permission to drop (refer) a language/humanities must be requested in writing

NB: The subjects studied will be dependent on their approval by the Department of Education in May/June 2022.  Any qualifications that are deemed not suitable will be replaced by an alternative, and you will be informed.

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What is the EBacc?

The EBacc is a key performance indicator which recognises students’ achievements in five academic subjects:

  • English Language and/or Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Including Computer Science)
  • French or Spanish (or another language)
  • History or Geography

These are subjects most likely to be required or preferred for entry to degree courses and ones that will keep the most doors open.  When considering what choices to make in the optional part of the curriculum, students should think about the following questions:

  • What am I good at?
  • What do I enjoy?
  • What are my aspirations and expectations?
  • Am I making choices for the right reasons?
  • Have I gathered all the advice and guidance before making decisions?

Choosing the right and most appropriate subjects is essential if students are to achieve their full potential however choices made at this point will not define a student’s future career path.

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Timeline for the course choice process

Course choice information evening
7 March 2023
Year 8 subject consultation meetings
7 March 2023
Year 8 assembly, PDL and fayre
Deadline for course choice forms
24 March 2023
Follow-up advice for some students Course choices confirmed
June 2023
Student timetable published end of summer term

It is normal at this point for students to not be totally certain what they want, so it is important that they read the course choice booklet carefully and speak with their parents/carers and teachers.  If students are already thinking of a career path, Mrs Connochie will be happy to help. 

You deserve to be successful.  Aim high, choose wisely and work hard.

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UPDATED: 25 January 2023