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Home learning is set, when appropriate to enhance, support and expand upon class work, therefore thus furthering the aim of the college.


  • Home learning is of a length appropriate to the age and ability of the student.  (We expect students in Year 7 to devote 60 minutes per night to home learning.  The amount of home learning should increase as a student progresses through the college and in Year 11, 90 minutes per night is not unreasonable)
  • Home learning will vary according to the subject. Students should expect extended writing tasks, project work, revision opportunities and a range of other tasks
  • Home learning needs to be relevant to the course of study and make demands upon students in relation to commitment and completion of subjects beyond the classroom
  • Home learning is checked and students are made aware of their results and progress. This could be through teacher, self and peer assessment
  • Home learning is integral to the Home-School Agreement


  • Home learning involves a variety of tasks that may be differentiated
  • Teachers should record all home learning on Class Charts
  • Home Learning is accessible to parents through their Class Charts log in
  • Students who fail to complete homework in a satisfactory manner, may be detained (with 24 hours’ notice) to do so
  • A home learning club is organised before and after college.  This is a voluntary activity but students, may on occasion, be directed to attend this or designated sessions for catching up on work
  • Students are consulted via the Student Council regarding how homework will be recorded
  • Parents are consulted on homework through parent voice opportunities
Page updated: 20 March 2018
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