Work Experience

As part of our curriculum, all students in Year 10 take part in our Work Experience scheme. This normally happens towards the end of June or beginning of July.

Work experience is considered to be one of the most important part of the Careers programme and therefore we ask parents to endorse the initiative by enthusing our students and supporting them to find suitable placements.  These can either be Private Placements or selected from an online database that we provide through the Enterprise Business Partnership (EBP).

You may already be aware that the government has stopped all designated funding for students to undertake a Work Experience placement and unfortunately, due to the economic climate, we have request contributions from parents and carers, currently £36.00.

This is paid to EBP to cover the following services:

  • Administration costs, letter, phone calls to employers.
  • Support in securing placements for students.
  • Completing the necessary health and safety visits/checks
  • Health and safety workshops for students.
  • Providing a bank of suitable placements for students to choose from.
  • Accessing EPB online.
  • Certification on completion.
  • Feedback from employers.

Year 10 have extensive support with the process of finding a placement but the ultimate responsibility lies with them – a good start to the world of work!  However, if you require any further information or support with the process, please contact Mrs Connochie by emailing her at

Page updated: 15 January 2020