Homework and study support


Home learning is set via ClassCharts to enhance, support and expand upon class work, thus furthering the aims of the college.

  • Home learning is of a length appropriate to the age and ability of the student.  We expect students in Year 7 to devote 60 minutes per night to home learning.  The amount of home learning should increase as a student progresses through the college and in Year 11, 90 minutes per night is considered reasonable 
  • Home learning will vary according to the subject and will come in a variety of formats, such as extended writing tasks, project work and revision opportunities
  • Home learning needs to be relevant to the course of study and make demands upon students in relation to commitment and completion of subjects beyond the classroom
  • Home learning is checked and students are made aware of their results and progress. Assessment could be from the teacher, peers or through self evaluation 
  • Home learning is integral to the Home-School Agreement

To support home learning, we produced some guided curriculum links for every area of our syllabus.  Select websites and resources have been chosen by each subject to help students improve to the next level.  For example, this may be an online video that details the knowledge required to go from developing to secure for the cells topic within biology. 

Study Support

In order to support students in their efforts to learn outside the classroom, we run an after-college study support session every day in the Learning Resource Centre.  There is a late bus service in operation Monday to Friday, departing college at 16:05pm.

  • Students can come along any night to get help with homework or arrange to get support with your teacher. Study support may be particularly beneficial to students who might be struggling with their homework, need to use the school's Internet access or simply use the quiet space to concentrate
  • If students fail to submit homework without explanation, they will be expected to attend the next available session to complete the work.  In order to track this and inform parents, staff will use ClassCharts for scheduling these sessions
  • Each session will be supported by teaching staff and students will have access to computers

Study support available Monday to Friday 14:35-15:35

Page updated: 13 September 2021