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Drop Down Wednesdays

In September 2016, our curriculum time was adjusted so that every Wednesday afternoon would have a flexible timetable.   At Henry Cort SMSC, Citizenship and Personal Development Learning (PDL) are delivered by specialist teams as part of the ‘Drop Down Wednesday’ programme.  Staff are grouped into teams who become specialists in one of the six areas below and deliver age appropriate lessons for each year group throughout the academic year.   Each team is responsible for the resourcing and delivery of one of the following strands:


Topics covered:

Sex and Relationships Education

Sex and relationship education (including choices, contraception, conception and STIs); relationship with self and others; healthy friendships and relationships;  healthy relationships (boyfriend and girlfriend), domestic violence; parenting; marriage / living together.

Enterprise and Finance

Fair trade and ethical shopping; running a business; spending and saving; consumer rights and responsibilities; debt, insurance, risk taking and personal life choices.


Cyber safety; stranger danger; bullying; drugs; alcohol stereotypes and diversity; discrimination; human rights and celebrating human rights; role the media plays in how we view ourselves and others; control and freedom of the press; sexting.

Health and Wellbeing

Managing transitions; stereotypes and diversity; enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle; careers, leaving home, work experience, future options; preparing for adult life; body image; health and safety awareness; prioritising; health and safety.


Elections and political issues; the role of local councils; political parties and their manifestos;  Britain’s place in the world; the European Community; crime and punishment; the police and the law; diversity in the UK; anti-social behaviour; human rights and celebrating human rights.

Growth Mindsets

The approach; growth mindset language; how to think with a growth mindset; what a growth mindset can do for you; dealing with stress, anxiety and depression; exam preparation; setting goals.

Time allocations for Drop Down Wednesdays:

  • 24 = SMSC
  • 1 = Sports Day and 1 = Reserve Sports Day
  • 4 = TaSC Days
  • 1 = House Activity
  • 8 = Challenge Days (subject / learning themed)

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