Homework is important. Research suggests that there is a direct link between regular homework, thoughtfully set and carefully marked, and later examination success. For that reason your child will be expected to complete a substantial amount of homework, from his or her first day at Henry Cort College. Homework is set in accordance with a published timetable. Students are expected to record their homework in their student planners.

To view the homework set please go to: www.henrycort.org/homework

If you need help viewing the homework please see our Parent Information Portal instructions.

Homework will be an integral part of the main subject courses studied.  You can help by providing the physical environment in which homework may be completed adequately.  At first, your child may need a great deal of encouragement to establish the homework habit.  A variety of homework tasks will be set during the year including structured written work, reading, revision, project/topic work and individual research.  Supervised facilities are available for students to complete homework in college at lunchtimes and after college.
Copies of the college's policy on homework are available on request.

Your child will be issued with a personal log book. This will contain all the information necessary to ease your child's college life.  The planner is our basic vehicle of communication and will be used by:
  • your child - to record and plan homework
  • you - to pass messages to us
  • us - to help to develop a genuine partnership with you
You will know what work is expected of your child, through the planner.